Hubris of the Solars

What Went Before

Realm Year 764 and 765

And so the exaltation of the Solar “Ashes of the Bronze King” began with these words from the Unconquered Sun:

Hear me traveler from beyond the loom of fate. Gaze upon the glory that is me, the Unconquered Sun. I turned away from my children in anger due to their excesses and abuse of power. But now I return with redemption and forgiveness.

In this age of sorrow, I hand to you the right to rule spirit, exalted, and mortal across Creation as you see fit.
In this age of turmoil, you will sear away the darkness of ignorance blanketing Creation with my righteous light.
In this age of strife, you will lead the lost into redemption and utterly destroy those who threaten Creation.

Go forth and bear the glorious light of the sun you now gaze upon to light the darkest shadows of creation. Eradicate the wickedness of this age with righteousness and justice. Bring my rule to the furthest corners of this world for you are supreme in Creation as I am supreme in Heaven. In the realm mortal you are king, judge, jury, and executioner. Fortified with my strength, begin with this pit of wickedness and depravity!

The Chronicle of his exaltation and the challenges that occurred afterward are detailed here:
  1.    Chapter 1
  2.    Chapter 2
  3.    Chapter 3


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