Spinner of Glorious Tales, one of the Three of Great Forks


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

“Mortals who suffer misfortune and setbacks often comfort themselves with tales of Talespinner’s mortal life, for he is proof that even the lowliest mortal can advance to divinity if he’s clever and wise enough. Talespinner was a lazy mortal boy who enjoyed stories and constantly sought the horizon. he often told lies to vaoid work and responsibility, but as his lies grew more creative, he turned his storytelling into entertainment and then profit.

Living a comfortable and prosperous life as an entertainer, Talespinner learned the day of this death. This led him on a great scheme where he won passage into Yu-Shan during the Carnival of Meeting. He encountered three different gods and to each he told a riveting tale that metaphorically centered upon the experiences of the god. Some say the three gods were the Unconquered Sun, Luna, and the Maiden of Journeys. Just as he finished the tale he stopped and said he had another engagement and would finish the story tomorrow at a given time and place.

The next day when all three gods showed up simultaneously, Talespinner told them that he was dying and unfortunately he could only tell the ending to one story before he died. All three gods shared a sliver of their divinity and thus raising Talespinner to divine status. After telling the three tales, Talespinner scampered back to the mortal world of creation.

An aura of wanderlust and enchanting mystique hangs around the Spinner of Glorious Tales like a warm, pleasant cloak. his eyes glint with excitement, and his smile draws the interest of men and women alike. he appears in his natural state as a middle-aged mortal man with sun-leathered features, graying hair, and travel worn clothing, but a halo of yellow surrounds his features, clearly marking his divinity.

Of the three gods of Great Forks, Dreamweaver and Dayshield, Talespinner spends the least time actually within the city, often traveling the roads to and from his beloved home to visit those places connected to Great Forks.”

~ Excerpt from The Scavenger Lands, Exalted Second Edition

Talespinner is known for having led a rag-tag band of refugees from all walks of life to Great Forks. Having come from a variety of fallen cities, towns, and villages they had nothing in common other than they were destitute from the wars that ravaged the end of the first age.

Talespinner was on one of his regular wanderings and had heard rumor of a band of refugees led by a chosen son of the Unconquered Sun. Appearing in the guise of a wandering traveler, he asked to share their campfire. Ashes welcomed Talespinner and shared their meager resources. In turn Talespinner told them a glorious and rousing tale that helped raise their spirits. Then Talespinner heard their story.

Afterward he grew silent and deep in thought. He offered to travel to a distant city that may take them in. Ashes said he would be very interested in such as he led the slaves only till they could read refuge. Talespinner suspected more for once someone takes on the onus of leadership, it is a mantle that is difficult to set down. In the morning he took his leave.

Weeks later Talespinner arrived and told them that beyond the end of this road lay a path that led to a guild outpost. If they could negotiate their way through and cross the Skyrock Hills then a force of League peacekeepers would meet them and escort them to Great Forks where they would be welcome.

When Ashes and the refugees arrived in Great Forks a month later, they were welcomed to a great celebration. Afterward, Talespinner, still disguised as the wandering traveler, took Ashes to meet the three. There he unveiled whom he was. Ashes really was not taken by surprise having already suspected Talespinner was much more than he presented.

It was Talespinner that convinced the other two and Ashes that it was in all of their best interests if Ashes took residence in Great Forks. With their army having been devastated three years earlier in the war with the Mask of Winters at Thorns, they needed all the allies they could get. While still small, a Solar led company was a force to be reckoned with. While there were stipulations, Ashes agreed.

To this day, Talespinner is a friend and some-what confident of Ashes. When Ashes was tricked into a trap by the Yellow King it was Talespinner who came to his rescue and had the other two gods of Great Forks turn aside their interference when Ashes confronted the Yellow King. Every so often when Talespinner is in town they will get together to swap tales as Ashes has many interesting and unique stories from his own realm that Talespinner has never heard. His favorte tale is that of the Hobbit and the one ring.


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