Yellow King

King of the Yellow River


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Ashes first became aware of the Yellow King with his procession entered Great Forks and he came to watch it pass. As events unfolded he was made aware as well of the lies of Emerald Waters through the Yellow King. Another thing that Ashes became cognizant of is that the Yellow King was and is irrationally committed to Emerald Waters to the point of blaming and holding others responsible for her actions. ~ Ashes

Known Background:

“The Yellow River King is the head of the Thousand River Court, and the God of the Yanaze and Yellow Rivers. A tall resplendent figure dressed in gold robes, with skin of light blue and long black hair that ripples like the waters of the river, eyes like sunlight rippling across water. He is as strong as a flood, as enduring as the water itself. You can know his favor by burnt sacrifices of precious things into the waters of the Yanaze, or blood sacrifices of ritual animals. On the other hand, anyone poisoning the Water of the Yanaze or Yellow Rivers risks his wrath. He is a patron of Sailors, especially River Boats, and the captain of a merchant ship might gain his favor by casting coins over the rim of his ship and calling out prayer words. He sometimes manifests in the lands of Creation as the captain of an Orichalcum Barge manned by Dolphin Spirits.

A patron to civilization and trade, he implicitly supports the Confederation of River but has no innate dislike of the Realm and offered the Province no help in its past wars against the powerful Realm. Of all the cities of the River Province, only Nexus knows his wrath—their long history of tossing waste and refuse into his river, and their blatant disrespect has earned them a cold and sure anger. Yet the Emissary’s might keeps the Yellow River King from unleashing his wrath upon the city, and so he is held at bay for now. The fact that many of the citizens of Nexus hold him in some disregard is another reason for his dislike of the city, and if another of the states of the Scavenger Lands were to make to invade Nexus, he might very well assist them if he believed they would be victorious. He sends dreams of glory, riches, women and such to various Generals and Soldiers in Lookshy even now, playing to their ambitions and dreams of glory to make his wishes of revenge come true.

Great Forks, while viewed favorably among all the Court, is most especially the apple of the Yellow River Kings eye, and he is on most good relations with the ruling triumvirate. The City benefits from such with regular floods of their slave and agriculture fields, helping keeping the land fertile and productive, as well as the protection of their merchant vessels on the two rivers he watches over—he is not omniscient, but most bandits know not to touch a Great Forks merchant on the Yanaze. The Villa owned by the Yellow River King is among the grandest of any owned by the various Gods of the City, second only to the Palace of the Triumvirate and some of the other major gods of the City. Sometimes the Yellow River King will retire to Great Forks for months on end to escape the bustle of godly duties and enjoy the pleasurable environs of the City as best he is able, and of all the Gods of the Thousand Rivers Court only his wife visits the city more often (albiet for different reasons).”

~ from the ExaltedWiki by Crowned Sun

Ashes first saw the Yellow King when the Yellow King visited with his wife for a break. At this point Ashes had no awareness that the beautiful spirit on the arm of the yellow king was the same woman he was bedding on a regular basis.

There did come a point though, when Thunderhead attacked Ashes in the open market place. The very next day came a challenge, through the manipulative Guang Liu, from the Yellow King to rectify his honor via a dual. After the trap was sprung, the Yellow King fled back to his abode in Great Forks proclaiming the upstart mortal who had sullied his wife had been dealt with.

To his confusion and surprise, Ashes walked into his abode three days later healthy as a horse. The confrontation between the two was not physical in any form but restricted to sheer presence. Ashes drew upon the innate power gifted to his class and forced an oath from the Yellow King that he would no longer bother with petty vengeance but would instead focus on his duties as a river spirit. Beaten and shamed by the power of the Solar, the Yellow King took on the onus of the oath. In mercy and understanding Ashes exacted no other vengeance against the Yellow King, a mercy the Yellow King noted. Instead Ashes handed to the Yellow King the crystal his queen had been imprisoned within… the Yellow King has yet to release her… a fitting punishment for her dalliances.

Yellow King

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