Ascendent Starfall

Lunar instructor in Celestial Magics

Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Mystical, obscure, different, and vastly knowledgeable in the arcane arts. These are several ways that Ashes would describe Starfall. What Ashes knows or suspects is that he is a leader of an underground group of mages. As of yet they have not proven themselves to be working against or with the Unconquered Sun. As time passes the light of Him will shed more upon the mysteries of Ascendant Starfall. ~ Ashes

Known Background:

Not much is known of Starfall Ascendent.  He is a lunar instructor of celestial magics.  He instructs any who will promise an oath to provide a requested service at any time.  And beyond that little is known about this Lunar who keeps his or her true identity and shape secret.

He puts every student through a series of tests before he is willing to teach them.  He also coordinates the Lodge of Thunder; a loose affiliation of sorcerers in Great Forks, many of whom were students of Starfall Ascendent.  They meet every full moon at a moot where they share knowledge, swap spells, and network.

Ashes sought out Starfall when he arrived in Great Forks to instruct him in the first circle of magic.  The five tests to open Ashes to being able to learn sorcery also incidentally prepared Ashes for the challenge that would come when he faced against the Emerald Claw when they setup their ambush.

Ascendent Starfall

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