Forsaken Queen

Queen of the Five Forsaken Pleasures


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Little is known of the Queen of the Five Forsaken Pleasures other than she is a Death Knight. What is known is that she was the one who pulled Ashes to Creation. She abandoned him after a brief interrogation where she lifted him off the ground with ease, seemed to inspect him for something, and spoke in an unknown language (at the time Ashes didnt know any of the languages of Creation). Upon answering in English, she tossed him with disgust across the room and fled as a Realm wyld hunt, the Emerald Claw, arrived at her heels. To this day, her purpose was unknown.

The next point Ashes encountered the Forsaken Queen was when he battled the Emerald Claw at the ruins of the Shogunate Ruins. After he defeated Panther he proceeded to the bottom level where the broken body of Diamond Hunter lie. He came upon the Queen mounting a nightmarish horse with Diamond Hunter thrown over the front of the horse. As she kicked the horse into motion she turned and met Ashes gaze with a look that mingled elements of success, hatred, and longing.

Forsaken Queen

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