Ten Step Ghost [Deceased]


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Who exactly is Ten Step Ghosts is an unknown. He was supposedly of the Immaculate Order and led the Emerald Claw. He made all of their decisions and picked their targets; and he was always successful. Until Ashes came onto the scene.

Ashes was an anomaly to Ten Step Ghost. He continued to question Ashes about his home and where he came from. He asked why he stood outside of fate. And when Ashes answers turned out to be true, Ten Step Ghost wrote him off as a red raittan planted by the Forsaken Queen and had him tossed to the pits.

This was to be his mistake for about 9 months later when Ten Step Ghost led a large force against The Bull of the North, Ashes led a slave revolt and exalted in the process. During this uprising he slew one of Ten Step Ghosts most trusted and loyal team members: Iron Monsoon.

Given the situation, Ten Step Ghost split his forces. He sent the Dragonblooded and a select group of power armored Ashigaru to go after Ashes while he led two score more Ashigaru to join up with two other wyld hunts. Nothing is said about the venture against the Bull of the North but it must have been a failure for The Bull still leads his armies against the Realm and its allies. But obviously Ten Step Ghost survived for a month after Ashes defeated the Emerald Claw, Ten Step Ghost confronted Ashes in the tomb of the Bronze King.

Ten Step Ghost first sent over a 100 veteran warriors of Ahlut who Ashes demolished with ease. Then Ten Step Ghost confronted Ashes directly. Using martial arts of a super natural form coupled with charms that were of an unknown type, Ten Step Ghost gave Ashes a run for his money but in the end Ashes prevailed. Throughout Ten Step Ghost spoke of fate and how Ashes stood outside of fate. That he was an Anathema who threatened the weave. And that he was an abomination who did not deserve to exist. By the end of the conflict Ten Step Ghost had a gleaming cast mark that matched the same sign as the Maiden of Endings, Saturn and his aura was that of scintillating violet.

Ten Step Ghost is dead for he used a charm that gave him one last gasp of breath upon his death. In that single act he activated a first age weapon: an oblivion bomb that disintegrated everything within a 500 meter diameter sphere. Ashes barely escaped the sphere of destruction invoked by this mysterious man of an unknown caste.

Ten Step Ghost [Deceased]

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