Diamond Paradise Huntress

Dragonblooded Nature Aspected Warrior


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Diamond Princess Huntress is a nature aspected warrior of the Realm who lives for the hunt; always seeking more powerful and potent prey to bag. As a member of the Emerald Claw she was the tracker and advance scout not to mention deadly assassin of the group: of the hunt she was the best with ranged weapons, tracking and hunting down elusive anathema, and outdoor activities.

Diamond Princess Huntress is also the only member of the Emerald Claw to survive the hunt against Ashes; though only by being rescued by the Queen of Five Forsaken Pleasures.

Diamond Princess was the first to entangle with Ashes and held her ground. It was this experience that led her to believe that five of the Emerald Claw could handle this Anathema while Ten Step Ghost investigated the other Anathema that had summoned him in the first place. It was a bad judgement call on her part and showed her ignorance of Solars; for in the months that the Hunt spent hunting Ashes, planning their trap, and then springing it he had grown in considerable power. Enough that he could single-handedly take out two claws of Ashigaru and four seasoned Dragonblooded.

It was at the end of this fight that she was rescued by the Queen of Five Forsaken Pleasures. Where her whereabouts are remain an unknown or whether she will even make another attempt on Ashes. But given her penchant for the hunt, she will undoubtedly seek another round against the Solar. This time, she will not underestimate him!

Diamond Paradise Huntress

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