Mountain Princess

Heavenly Mountain Princess


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Mountain Princess was the oddball in the Emerald Hunt in social standing and physique. She was scorned and picked upon by Leaping Star, Rainbow Mantis, and White Ash Panther (who was following the lead of Leaping Star). Leaping Star singled out Mountain Princess because of her immense size. An odd “mutation” that occurred when she exalted as an earth aspected Dragonblooded when exposed to the energies of an earth manse. Furthermore, Leaping Star focused on Mountain Princess for her grandfather brought dishonor and shame to Mountain Princess’s clan.

The other members saw value in Mountain Princess but stayed at an arms length due to Leaping Star’s connections in the Realm. This left Mountain Princess surrounded by members of her society but alone. She had lots of time to contemplate the teachings of her grandfather.

Her grandfather had been a loyal member of the Realm military forces in the recovery of first age military devices. His pursuit of how to activate the Penitent led him to Fakahru where he earned entrance and access to three books. One of those books spoke about the glory of the Solars. This led her grandfather to question the Realm and whether Solars really were anathema. His continued outspoken ways led him to being ostracized by the Immaculate Order and banishment to a remote outpost by his Clan. The only person who listened and heard what he said was his grand daughter.

Mountain Princess served the Emerald Claw with loyalty but always in the back of her mind were the words of her grandfather. Many of the Anathema they hunted, such as the Forsaken Queen, were truly evil or destructive beasts. This kept her mollified. It was not till Ashes left her a note in her journal that her doubts were awakened. Later when her own team turned against her and Ashes saved her life when she had been trying to kill him, that she determined her grandfather was right. At that moment she turned her back to the Realm and wanted nothing more than to serve Ashes.

As it would turn out, Ashes would take her into his service and for that she would go to the ends of Creation to realize his ambitions.

Mountain Princess

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