Blessed Seventh Son of the Thunderhead, God of Thunderstorms in the East


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Blessed Seventh Son of the Thunderhead is a young spirit, relatively speaking. His personality reflects his duties: as the god of storms in the East he is brash, outspoken, quick to action, and loud. Being the Bodyguard and master of arms of the Yellow King’s court he aspires to rise to spirit of Bodyguards and Defenders of Lords.

Manipulated by Guang Liu, Thunderhead has had several run ins with Ashes. These run-ins culminated in an outright battle between the two in the Dockside Markets of Great Forks; which ended poorly for Thunderhead. Beaten and humiliated, Thunderhead was stuck in his Sanctum for 10 days while events in Great Forks played out and his master, the Yellow King, was left defenseless. This gave Thunderhead time to think and reflect on his actions.

Upon reforming in his sanctum, he found Ashes and begged for the Solar’s leniency and forgiveness. Ashes complied as Thunderhead showed that beneath his loud, brash, and somewhat arrogant exterior there was a being of honor and respect.


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