Guang Liu

Crazy road spirit


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Ashes first met Guang Liu while moving across country with the freed slaves. Seeing no other choice Ashes chose to use the road that Guang Liu was bound to so long ago. The road stretched farther than can be imagined but with disuse and no maintenance Guang Liu’s road has become minuscule in comparison. Due to this and being forgotten he has come to not walk to road as straight as he should, he has become insane. ~ Ashes

Known Background:

Guang Liu was in the First Age a kindly and proud road spirit of one of the most well traveled and longest roads in creation that stretched from the North to the south. Today his road lies in the middle of no where and is less than 300 miles in length. But he keeps this road immaculate and in perfect order.

With the disruption of the Celestial Bureaucracy at the end of the First Age, Guang Liu’s current assignment fell to the wayside. He was unintentionally for all intents and purposes… forgotten. His early appeals for a new position were either missed, put on a backburner for higher priorities and forgotten, or were purposefully passed over as more influential spirits bribed the current handler for preferential treatment.

Forgotten and left alone, Guang Liu became antisocial and obsessive. He now tends his road in an obsessive drive to keep it immaculate and perfect. In this obsessive drive he allows none to touch it and uses all of his spiritual powers to drive off anyone who would use the road. Further, his lack of contact with living beings, spirit or mortal, for over 700 years has driven him to anti-social behavior.

It was only when Ashes led his slaves along the road that Guang Liu decided to become more involved in the world about him; a decision that came about when he realized there was nothing he could do about Ashes and he needed allies. In this role he became active in the Thousand Rivers Court. From here he was able to manipulate several events against Ashes… driving Thunderhead (an easily manipulated spirit) into attacking Ashes (several times) and eventually worming his way into the trust of the Yellow King when he brought news that his wife was having an affair with the Solar. It was later discovered that Guant Liu had made allies with the Emerald Claw, worked with them to imprison the Emerald Queen, and eventually manipulated the Yellow King into confronting Ashes. Throughout these events, Guang Liu was trying his best to have Ashes slain in some form of petty and twisted form of justice for defiling his road.

Since those events occurred, Guang Liu has taken a low profile. The Yellow King has let it be known that Guant Liu is not welcome in the Court of a Thousand Rivers and none of the Court’s inner circle are to have traffic with him.

Guang Liu

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