Adviser of Ashes


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Jiao is a jolly spirit. His current assignment, instituted by Ashes, is to serve as an adviser to Ashes. As such a condition is that he must be asked for advice before he can give it. And what he can give is constrained by the question asked. A condition he stated is set forth by the protocols of the Bureaucracy.

Jiao is a prankster who once served the Bronze King in the First Age. For some prank he had pulled he was sentenced by the Bronze King to serve as a guardian of a minor temple in the middle of nowhere for 5000 years. Up till the end of the first age this was not such a bad duty, boring yes, but there was always someone to talk with.

With the end of the First Age, the road the temple sat along was abandoned and there were no more mortals to speak with. His only company was the female Fu Lion and the cantankerous road spirit Guang Liu whom Jiao did enjoy tormenting.

Fate would have an incarnate of the Bronze King come along. And it was only an incarnate who could free Jiao from his eons long service. Since that moment Jiao serves Ashes as an adviser and guardian. At night, Jiao always takes a position outside the door of Ashes abode in Great Forks.


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