Youn Macheri

Guild Merchant as crooked as they come.


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Ashes met Youn when leading the slaves from the uprising at the Emerald Plantation to the distant city of Great Forks.  Along this journey of 500+ miles they came across a Guild outpost.  The Guild Head, Youn Macheri, was willing to deal with Ashes and allow the slaves to pass unmolested at a high and exhorbant price.  The price was pretty much all that the slaves had freed from the coffers of their Dragon Blooded masters before burning the plantation to the ground.

 A day later, Youn and his cronies with Fair Folk and the Huntress of the Emerald Claw ambushed Ashes and the slaves.  This battle became known among the slaves as the Battle at Sky Rocks.  

Ashes and the slaves defeated Youn and his allies but Youn fled before being captured.  Youn cleaned out as much as he could carry as Ashes returned to the Guild outpost where he slew all guild members, freed the slaves, and burned the outpost to the ground.

 Youn made it to Maruto where he contacted the guild and informed them of the mad aberrant freeing slaves.  They immediately filed a complaint with the League of the Rivers against Great Forks who took in Ashes and his followers.

Youn Macheri

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