Commander within Ashes' Army


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Rugai first met Ashes within the slave pits. Being a gang leader within the slaves he immediately saw Ashes as being opposition when he would not bend a knee to him. Rugai chose to either beat submission into Ashes or get rid of him. As the tale unfolded Ashes was more than Rugai could handle which meant he lost his status with his gang members. Since this time Rugai sought to put himself back into power. First trying to ruin Ashes’ name in front of the mass of slaves. When this failed Rugai resorted to violence. Earning him only injury and further disfavor amoung the slaves.

The light of the Unconquered Sun finally burned away the shadows of irrationality from Rugai when he, Ashes, and other slaves were set upon by barbarians while collecting rice in the fields. Rugai, still being injured from the fight, could not out run the barbarians on his own. Ashes, knowing this, saved him from an otherwise impending death. Rugai had never known anyone act so compassionately towards someone who was so undeserving. This one act shook him to the core. From then on Rugai pledged himself to Ashes and has since been a prized adviser to Ashes. ~ Ashes

Known Background:

Rugai was a thug, thief, and bandit before being captured and sold into slavery for his crimes. He dominated his pit with a ruthless hand and tolerated nobody to step out of line. Everyone who came was quickly put into their place. Rugai treated Ashes no differently, yet Ashes resisted.

After bullying failed to work. Rugai turned to humiliation and setting up Ashes before the slave taskmasters. When that failed Rugai turned to direct violence out of sight of the taskmasters. It was during that fight that Ashes proved his own mettle and beat Rugai soundly. This was when Rugai lost the respect of his men who turned away from him and towards Ashes for leadership. While all were punished Rugai suffered the worse: his leg was broken and set so he could only hobble. At this point Rugai was out of power and helpless.

At a point later, when Barbarians raided the plantation, Rugai was left behind. Ashes turned back and picked him up in a fireman’s carry and bore Rugai to safety. Rugai could have been even more bitter but proved the character that was buried deep within. He gave Ashes his support from that point forward.

Rugai’s story didn’t end there. As they were leading the slaves to safety and the Guild set their ambush at Sky Rock, Rugai jumped between the Slaves and a group of Ashigaru who were coming behind. He would have been a road bump to the elite power armored Realm soldiers but perhaps just enough time for Ashes to finish with the Fair Folk warrior he was battling. Rugai exalted into a Badger Lunar. With silvery energy he changed into a humanoid badger rippling with energy. Unprepared for this threat the Ashigaru’s advance was brought to a screeching halt.

Since his exaltation, Rugai has grown even more loyal to Ashes. It is like he took an oath to serve and protect Ashes at every turn. He is as loyal as one can be.


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