Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Skar was a mercenary from Nexus who was captured as an enemy combatant and sold into slavery. He was eventually purchased to work in the fields of the Emerald Claw’s plantation. With his tough, no-nonsense nature he rose to pit boss. This brought him into contact with Ashes when Ashes pulled together the various pit bosses to plan an uprising.

Skar had planned on leading a small group of mercenaries back to Nexus to join a new company but Ashes talked them into staying as they were some of the few individuals who had any combat experience. As the slaves headed to Great Forks, Ashes convinced Skar to lead the training of a small militia that would protect them on the long journey ahead of them.

In time, this group became the nucleus of a new mercenary company with Skar as the XO and Ashes as the CO. This new mercenary company saw its birth at the battle of Sky Rocks, when led by Ashes, they defeated a force three times their size composed of veteran guild fighters, goblins, and a Dragon-Blooded led group of elite power armored Ashigaru.

They didn’t settle on a name till they reached Great Forks where they were given a long-term contract to supplement the local military forces at a more than reasonable rate. They named themselves the Bronze Suns… Bronze as that was part of Ashes extended name (Ashes of the Bronze King) and Sun because Ashes followed the Unconquered Sun; a following that they all eventually picked up themselves.


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