Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Jordin is from the Varang City States in the south where she was a slave dancer. She was eventually bought by White Ashes Panther and taken with him when he joined the Emerald Claw. When Leaping Star played on his emotions he threw his favored slave dancer among the common slave population. Here Jordin survived and thrived by using her feminine wiles and sexual appear. She became pit boss by manipulating the toughest males in the pit into doing what she desired.

She eventually threw her backing behind Ashes when he planned an uprising. With the support of Cynis, a well respected slave, he made an appeal and presented a plan she thought had success. Freedom was something she always yearned for but never had any realistic opportunities to achieve.

After the uprising the pit bosses were about to split and go in different directions when Ashes, exalted as a Solar, drew them together under his leadership. Only together could they have any chance of reaching freedom beyond the reach of the Emerald Claw. And he proved right.

Once they reached Great Forks, like most of the ex-slaves, Jordin stayed with Ashes. Within his group she had trouble finding a meaningful focus. Skar was the primary leader of the Bronze Spears, Rugai was Ashes right-hand man, Anzar was both administrator and spy master for Ashes, and Nadiir was their provocateur and information gathering agent. Jordin tries to fit in where she can. Leveraging what little skills outside of pleasure and entertainment she can provide.

Of late, she has taken an interest in the occult and has begun to study under Ashes as he has mastered powerful magics. She hopes that she can become of use to Ashes and their group in terms of the occult.


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