Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Nadiir is one of the ex-slave pit bosses who is now fervently loyal to Ashes. She came from a small village in the hundred kingdoms that was raided and sacked by slavers. All of her family and friends were sold into slavery and scattered to the four winds when she was a young teenager. She initially worked in the main plantation with the other young slaves but was too rebellious, so she was sent into the general population to work in the fields by the overseer, Iron Monsoon.

In time between her wiles and learned fighting she rose to become the pit boss; the main reason she was able to hold her position was not due to her toughness(though that did help) but because of her willingness to back her people and stand up for them. More than could be counted she gave her food to someone in need, made sure everyone got their fair share, and even took blame for mistakes made by others so that she took the punishment. This latter, more than anything else, earned her the respect of her fellow slaves and their willingness to back her up.

She was quick to join Ashes in his plan to overthrow their masters. There was nothing she abhorred more than slavery. And when the day came, she took her vengeance on more than her share of guards and slave taskmasters. She decided to join Ashes after seeing what he did to Iron Monsoon and has supported him since. While she has her own opinions and perspectives, she listens closely to what Ashes has to say and adopts his perspectives as her own. In particular his anti-slavery stance. Though she grows impatient with his seeming lack of response.

She has undertaken to create a fellowship within Great Forks that frees slaves and smuggles them from the city. This has been a local concern with the constabulary who have never dealt with this before. Publicly she is leading protests against the guild and uses whatever money she can to purchase slaves and set them free right in front of the auction block.

On the side and discreetly Anzar has begun to use Nadiir to gather information and to act as the burgeoning spy network he is building to serve the interests of Ashes.


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