Shield of a Diffterent Day, one of the Three of Great Forks


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

“DayShield or Shield of a Different Day is strikingly beautiful for a goddess of war. Long tresses of raven hair fall around striking features. He granite-colored gaze is a mixture of pride and comfort. When she speaks, her alto voice rolls across the masses with a patriotic tenor, inspiring hope in all those who hear her. Her armor is clean and polished, and her shield gleams in the sunlight.

In the first age, Dayshield once worked in Yu-Shan, serving in the Division of Battles for the Bureau of Battles as an agent covering all matters of peaceful war, battles that consisted of nothing war, battles that consisted of nothing but positioning and war-through-diplomacy. With the fall of the Solars and later the Shogunate, peaceful warfare evaporated completely and rather than involve herself more deeply with the seeping corruption of her division, she left for the mortal realm of Creation to find a new fortune for herself. Here she led a band of refugees to rich farmland where two other groups were led by their respective gods. The three groups joined forces to found Great Forks. With Dayshield, DreamWeaver, and Talespinner at the helm Great Forks has prospered over the centuries.

Dayshield focuses primarily on the defense of Great Forks, and she is the most practical of the city’s three gods. Her soldiers police the city and see to its defenses. Both she and her soldiers prefer peacekeeping operations or taking acre of civilians in an emergency.”

~ Excerpt from The Scavenger Lands, Exalted Second Edition


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