Weaver of Dreams of Victory, one of the Three of Great Forks


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

“The least understood of the three gods of Great Forks, Dreamweaver never speaks of her origins and only smiles with polite amusement at speculations whispered in her presence. The tribe she brought to Great Forks remembers only that she came first in their dreams, slipping in like a familiar presence to coax and advise. She seemed to coalesce from everyone’s expectations and her encroachment was so subtle that none remember when she took over the reigns of leadership. It simply… happened.

Dreamweaver materializes less than the other two gods of Great Forks, Dayshield and Talespinner, preferring to interact with her people through their sleeping minds. When she must manifest, she has no true form that remains consistent from person to person.

Dreamweaver believes in Great Forks, and she believes in the united destiny between the three peoples who settled it. Her words soothed the tensions of war between the three when they first met, and her whispers brought them together to fight Princess Magnificent with Lips of Coral and Robes of Black Feathers.

Where Talespinner crafts Great Forks grandeur and appeal, and Dayshield offers the city hope and order, Dreamweaver forges a sense of community and connection between its residents and their gods.”

~ Excerpt from The Scavenger Lands, Exalted Second Edition


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