Bashu of the Resplendent Scales

Spirit of Knowledge that is Lost but yet to be Rediscovered


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Known Background:

Bashu was a minor animal spirit of snakes in the first age but with the many vacancies left in the aftermath of the Rakasha invasion that marked the end of that age, Bashe has been promoted to a spirit of knowledge with a specialty in knowledge lost but to be rediscovered.

Though Bashu is on a geas by the Bureaucracy to remedy a past transgression. Bashu does not go into the exact details of this transgression but it is known that it had to do with the dalliance with a forbidden god that resulted in a vile and proliferate race of godblooded abominations called the Illjian. It seems like a never ending quest for Bashu because as he eliminates one nest, three more seem to crop up.

Bashu of the Resplendent Scales

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