Emerald Waters

Queen of the Emerald Waters, Goddess of the Maruto River


Player Perspective & Knowledge:

Upon entering Great Forks the slaves and Ashes were met with open arms. When the formal celebratory feast occurred Emerald Waters disguised as a mortal human female worked her way in to the confidences of Ashes. This was either done for her own amusement or to antagonize her husband, The Yellow King.

The ensuing drama cause a rift between The Yellow King and Ashes that has possibly been mended. For how long depends on her manipulative ways. ~ Ashes

Known Background:

Emerald Waters is an ancient goddess who held her role as Goddess of the Maruto River in the first age. She is fickle and demanding but yet there are depths running deep within her; just like the river she is the goddess of.

She is the consort of the Yellow King and sits on the Court of the Thousand Rivers her husband heads. Her long years of service and duty have left her bored. And as a bored woman left unattended by her husband she began dalliances with mortals, spirits, and immortals alike. It has created numerous problems in the past for when her husband discovers his transgressions his jealousy has gotten the better hand and he has either challenged the individual outright (if an immortal) or the individual simply disappeared.

These events always lead to Emerald Waters becoming a loving and doting wife, loyal to her husband for a decade or two before her lustful nature and ever wandering spirit takes over. It is a cycle, like the seasons, that never seems to have an ending.

Emerald Waters was immediately taken with Ashes. It had been a very long time since she had a Solar lay in her bed. So she set out to seduce Ashes… and it was an easy triumph for her. But oddly she grew attached with Ashes and what was a one-night at a festival grew into a months long affair. But Ashes enemies were catching up to him and she became the central focus to pull him into a trap. They first captured and imprisoned her in a Yrisil crystal (a large gem that can imprison spirits) with the aid of Guang Liu. Using her as a hostage, they forced the Yellow King to challenge Ashes and lure him to a distant spot; if he refused (which he did) the Yellow King was to force Ashes to accept the dual at threat of his own people traveling on the Yellow River at that moment.

Since Ashes defeated the Emerald Claw and returned the crystal to the Yellow King, the Yellow King has yet to free the Goddess of the Maruto River; most likely a punishment for her shameful behavior and awkward position the Yellow King was placed in.

Emerald Waters

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