Ashes' Accountant, Senschal, and Advisor


Player Perspective & Knowledge

Since his time as a slave master within the Dragon Blood's slave pits Anzar has come to see Ashes perspective within Creation as being a better path. Before Anzar felt Ashes was a rival to any possible affectionate glance Leaping Star would bestow. Now after choosing to follow Ashes and becoming his right hand with running of the citadel and barracks he has come to see a better path in Creation. ~ Ashes

 Known Background:

Anzar is a gruff and no nonsense man. Once the head slavemaster, though a slave himself, Anzar ruled the pits with an ironfist and the constant crack of a whip.  Freed by Ashes, Anzar has turned a new leaf.  He serves the ex-slaves that Ashes led from the Plantation as diligently as he oversaw them with the cold eye of a slavemaster but now with the watchful eye of an elder looking out for the welfare of his children.

 Anzar was the headman of a village who took in and hid a Solar from the Wyld Hunt.  Unmasking his ruse they set loose their soldiers upon the village, razed it to the ground, and those they didnt kill took as slaves.  Anzar, for his duplicity was passed among the Dragonblooded to be tormented and tortured till he was dumped into the slave pits.  There his leadership abilities came to the forefront as he rose from lowly slave, to pit boss, to overseer, to head slavemaster.

Every man who had been through the gauntlet with Leaping Star Princess, a Dragonblooded female with unquenchable sexual thirst, was especially marked for harsher treatment.  As it turns out Anzar still bore a torch for Leaping Star; though it turns out later in the Chronicle that Leaping Star bound everyman to her via a form of Thamauturgy based on sexual domination.  To her it was just one of thousands of conquests but for each man it was unbearing torture to see her, remember her, but never able to touch her.

 Anzar treated Ashes no different than every other man who had been conquored by her.  Till a new target presented itself and his unbidden obsession switched to a new target.  At the uprising Ashes, a newly exalted Solar gave Anzar a choice: repent and become a new man or die with the rest of the Realm lackeys.  Anzar broke down before the glory of the Unconquered Sun and was forgiven.  Born a new man he served Ashes in any way he could.  Unknowing to both of them, the magic of Leaping Star would come into play as she leveraged it to gain information from those who stayed with Ashes within Great Forks.

It was through this information that Ashes was eventually led into a trap and ambushed by the remaining five Dragonblooded of the Emerald Claw.  After this battle Ashes discovered the talisman's Leaping Star had created for each man and Ashes burned them all.  Finally Anzar was freed in body, mind, and soul.  For this very act, his loyalty to Ashes is unquestioned and unshakeable.


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