Free Spirited Arvia

Godblooded Daughter of Gen, the God of Nexus

Player Perspective & Knowledge:

No Input ~ Ashes

Known Background:

Free-Spirited Arvia is the godblooded daughter of Gen, the god of Nexus. She lived a free but sheltered life hidden in the ruins of Hollow below Nexus. There she was educated by a first-age Manse that taught her many of the beliefs and core values of the first age or at least those taught to children… respect for the chosen of the sun, freedom for all of mankind from which the Unconquered Sun selects his chosen representatives to rule over Creation, education and equal opportunity for all of mankind, and oppose those who would see Creation in ruin.

Living a sheltered life she is quite naive and perhaps a bit too trusting but she is a good person who will some day step up to take over as the God of Nexus. But even she realizes she needs to experience more of the world outside of Nexus to understand how the city fits into the tapestry of fate. As there are parties who would use her against her beloved father and city, she has chosen to leave Nexus till she is ready to take on the mantle of godhood. For those reasons, she has chosen to leave with Ashes as he ably protected her from the powers who would use her against her father and city.

Free Spirited Arvia

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