Veil of Ebony Blades

Player Perspective & Knowledge:

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Known Background:

Veil of Ebony Blades was a serial killer in Nexus. After half a dozen gruesome murders of women and children she was captured, tried, and found guilty. She was first hanged and then drowned. How she came back to life as a servant of darkness remains a mystery but it is known that she was working with a Death cult associated with the Mask of Winter in an attempt to capture Free-Spirited Arvia.

It is believed the goal was to use Arvia to somehow convert Nexus into a Shadow Land as the Mask had done to Thorns. Ashes thwarted Veil but she managed to escape after temporarily disabling Ashes during a martial arts duel. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

An interesting point is that Veil bore a caste mark similar to that of a Solar of the Twilight caste but it was inverted and in complete black. Further, as she expended essence it weeped blood that ran down her face.


Veil of Ebony Blades

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