Hierarch Sapphire

One of the leaders of the Guild

Player Perspective & Knowledge:

No Comments. ~ Ashes

Known Background:

Hierarch Sapphire is one of the youngest and most driven leaders of the Guild. She had made a deal with Lilac, a powerful Fair Folk woman residing in Nexus, to capture and turn over the godblooded daughter of Gen. She had formulated a win-win (for her) situation where she would leverage Ashes to do it as a trade in favors. If he brought her Arvia so the guild could “protect her from a Death Cult”, she would call off the guild trade war in Great Forks. What she got from the FairFolk was a set cost market for the purchase of slaves from Creation. So in one blow she ended a costly trade war and replaced the lost market in Great Forks with an even more lucrative market.

Ashes agreed but only without full knowledge that Sapphire was going to trade Arvia to the Fairfolk. It was not an outright lie as they were protecting her from a Death Cult under orders from the Mask of Winters to capture the girl. This detail was revealed to Ashes by another Hierarch and Ashes reneged on the deal, taking Arvia under his protection.

Sapphire’s reaction is unknown but it can be certain it was not a pleasant one.

Hierarch Sapphire

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