Hierarch Odom

One of the Leaders of the guild

Player Perspective & Knowledge:

No Comments. ~ Ashes

Known Background:

Hierarch is the financial officer of the guild. She manages all cost-profit ratios. She is a no-nonsense elderly woman who believes all deals should begun and ended with pleasantries. But that does not mean she is not a sharp business woman… quite the contrary.

While she wields great power she does so with business ethics. While she supports profit gain, she does balance profit with a balanced viewpoint. Where some Hierarchs, such as Sapphire, view any positive profit gain as the ends justifies the means, Odom does not bear the same perspective. There are some means that do not justify profit. Where she can she will oppose such ventures if there is a clear cut cost to profit margin but in many cases this cannot be justified. Thus she has to select her battles when such arise.

Where she cannot directly oppose a given profit venture she will work against it if the cost of the means is too high. That is how she got involved with Sapphires project to kidnap the daughter of Gen and trade her to the Fair Folk in return for a lucrative, long-term contract. She worked indirectly against Sapphire by revealing the full deal that Sapphire was pursuing. In doing so, Ashes chose to renege on the deal he had struck.

Hierarch Odom

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