Lily & Lilac

FairFolk Twins Residing in Nexus

Player Perspective & Knowledge:

No Comments. ~ Ashes

Known Background:

Lily & Lilac were center stage in the events that led to Ashes meeting the godblooded young lady Free-Spirited Arvia. These twin FairFolk opposed each other in a strange competition that would result in same ending… unbinding Nexus from the weave of creation and releasing wyld energies over the city.

Lilac had made a deal with Hierarch Sapphire to establish a lucrative slave trade deal with Lilac in exchange for Arvia. Unknown (or perhaps not) to Sapphire, Lilac planned on using Arvia to unleash wyld energies over Nexus converting its citizens to Hobgoblins and worse. In opposition to her twin sister, Lily planned on kidnapping the godblooded woman and using her to unbind Nexus from Creation and plunge it into the Wyld. Ashes was caught between these two Fair Folk as he worked towards protecting Arvia while trying to unravel the multiple plots against her.

In this confrontation Ashes slew Lilac in a battle on the streets of Nexus when she had unleashed an army of Hobgoblins to hunt for Arvia. Rumors persist that Lily recovered the body of her dead twin in a rapture of emotional pain and fled the city as the Emissary sent agents to capture her for trial for her hand in the events that led to the death of hundreds as her twin sister unleashed chaos.


Lily & Lilac

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