Chronicle 1 Chapter 1

Chapter One: Mortal

David, the mortal who would exalt to become Ashes of the Bronze King was pulled from another world to the tomb of the Bronze King in Sijan by the Queen of Five Forsaken Pleasures. As the Queen began to interrogate Ashes, he could hear the distant clash of a battle. The Queen snarled at him in an unknown language. As he sputtered at her in English she grabbed him by the neck and effortlessly lifted him from the ground. When he was unable to answer she tossed him across the room. As his head thudded into the wall darkness swallowed him.

{For a more detailed description of this event please read the Opening Scene for the First Chronicle.}

David came to awareness with a force of warriors about him. As he pulled himself upright he spoke. They turned towards him as a single, unified force. A towering woman, nearly 9’ in height, unfurled chains of a silver-like metal and suddenly huge pillars materialized in the loops at the end. With a swing the pillars drew the chains taut and she swung the pillars at David with effortless ease. He screamed as one of the pillars clipped him. Once again sending him into a nearby wall and into blessed unconsciousness.

Some point later, David awoke trussed up and thrown over the saddle of a horse. In front of him mounted a lithe, very attractive woman no more than 5’ in height. She turned about and glanced at David. With a gentle pat on his head he sank into unconsciousness again.

Over the two weeks of travel he was politely interrogated, kept in a drug induced stupor, and Leaping Star used magic to teach him the local language. They eventually arrived at a great plantation with fields of rice tended by a horde of slaves. As they traveled by the fields the slaves turned and bowed before the group of 7 individuals who led the group.

At the plantation David was brutally interrogated and in the end Leaping Star used sexual domination techniques to break his will.  He was putty in her hands when broken and fully interrogated after 30 days of exhausting and mind numbing sexual exploits at the never ending hunger of Leaping Star; in the very end she commented that he had lasted longer than any previous mortal and she would miss him.  With that said she seemed to completely forget about Ashes.

When Ten Step Ghost [Deceased], the immaculate monk leading the Emerald Claw, realized David was a red herring he handed him over to Anzar, the headman, as a slave for the fields.  Anzar was once also a play thing of Leaping Star and still held an obsession for her; he was brutal with David till he felt he had established his dominance.  It was during this period of time that David became known as Ashes given his name was odd and difficult to pronounce.

Ashes was a slave for about nine months where he established  his reputation and strength of character. He eventually met Cynis who was an elderly man responsible for the harvest bins and storage areas.  Cynis was well connected and between the two of them planned a revolt.

A day came when all but Iron Monsoon, the plantation Dragonblooded task master, left on some quest with over 200 soldiers.  Rumor said they were heading to hunt the Bull of the North.

Cynis and Ashes initiated the uprising.  Iron Monsoon soon arrived and with callous ease slew slaves by the dozens.  As he went after Ashes, Cynis sacrificed himself to slow down Iron Monsoon.  It was at this moment that Ashes exalted into a Solar.  With the words of the Unconquered Sun urging him on, he slew Iron Monsoon with a single punch as he vaulted over Iron Monsoons head and with the force of a sledgehammer slammed his fist down into the top of Monsoons head.  The force was so great that Monsoon's head exploded like a rotten watermelon.

Led by Ashes the slaves slew all the guards they could find, ransacked the plantation, and gathered supplies for their escape.  It was during this time that Ashes found a small assortment of items of interest from the Dragonblooded private quarters and personal stashes of magic and technology.  He also entered the temple of Ten Step Ghost where he battled Ghosts three Dragonblooded monks left to tend the temple; using Chin Na grappling techniques to rip the teenagers apart in a brutal fashion.

Ashes last find were three hulking war striders beneath the plantation.  Ashes made sure the war striders would never function again by calling upon the Unconquored sun and smashing the striders with the fury of this fists.

When Ashes arrived topside he found the slaves gathering in groups ready to head out on their own.  He convinced all but one group that it was best if they went with him vs. going off on their own.  This small group was composed of hard nosed mercenaries.  Ashes kindly gave them a large sum of dinars as a split of the loot found in the plantation and a sum to buy their loyalty.

Ashes led over 300 surviving slaves from the burning plantation as the sun set in the distant horizon.

Chronicle 1 Chapter 1

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