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Hubris of the Solars, is an Exalted campaign arc currently centered on a story arc referred to as “The Chronicles of Ashes”. This story arc chronicles a Solars struggle against enemies of all stripes, conflicts raging beyond control, and a world mired in ignorance and fear. The underlying theme revolves around the outcome of the arrogance and pride that swallowed the Solars of the first age; a hubris birthed of Solars being the most significant power in the Creation. Will the player(s)succumb to this ancient hubris or will they rise above it to found a new golden age?


Ashes has found his place in this new world he has been thrust into under mysterious circumstances.  Bearing the inheritance of the "Bronze King of the Pillars of Heaven & Earth", Ashes has established himself as a leader of note in Great Forks.  Being open minded he believes there is a place for a new order where mortal and immortal can live side-by-side but as equals where slavery is abolished, the crushing economic servitude of the Guild is banished, order is reestablished, and the Celestial Bureaucracy is cleansed of its corruption .

 This story opens in the year 768, three years after Ashes exalted.  In that time, many changes have occurred.  Solars have become more common and many are drawn to Great Forks where they are welcomed as long as they are willing to abide by the rule of the Three.

About this Campaign

Currently this campaign is on hold as the primary player is busy being a father to his daughter born 10/12/2009. We are expecting a four to six month break or thereabouts.

This campaign began as a GM & a player interested in testing out Exalted.  We began play in a mini-campaign using a Virtual RPG Tabletop (VRT) and TeamSpeak. This mini-campaign grew to a year-long story arc that ended with the player confronting the primary adversary.  We found Exalted is at a level of play that you don't need a large group of players and it is perfectly suited to one-on-one play.  I have always placed heavy emphasis on Roleplaying with moments of turbo-charged high action; both elements enabled with Exalted.

So given the interruptions of life… a move to CA and back within a year… we found ourselves once again thirsting for Exalted.  Our campaign begins two years where we left off.  Though we did use the Exalted Mandate of Heaven (a rules set for running kingdom-to-kingdom conflicts & challenges) to run large scale conflicts between Ashes domain (a mercenary army and a horde of ex-slave followers who have built a base of operations in a citystate that sheltered them) vs. the Guild (a greedy monopolizing, merchant empire founded on slavery and drugs).

We have recently switched to iTableTop which combines video, audio, and a virtual tabletop. Three features we have found invaluable to remote roleplaying.

Hubris of the Solars

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